We are pleased to announce that, following our collaboration with IBM, PickaForm is officially on their […]
You may have noticed it by seeing the headers of the blog and the YouTube page, […]
Thanks to its IBM Domino powered server engine, PickaForm has a very powerful security model, which […]
If you follow our regular news, you probably noticed that we NEVER talk about technology here, […]
Until now, the customers of our low-code platform were only European, but things will change soon […]
This summer, a long-requested feature appeared in PickaForm: the ability to customize your workspace is finally […]
You probably have noticed it: “low-code” is the new trend! Just in december 2017, there were […]
As you know, one of the powerful features of PickaForm is to be able to transform […]
The goal of “no-code” (and “low-code”) application platforms is that business users should be able to […]
In most business cases, there is a point where we need to export a clean document, […]