PickaForm - NoCode - UX future

You probably have noticed it: “low-code” is the new trend!

Just in december 2017, there were more than 300 articles about the subject, written by specialized medias and blogs. And it’s just the beginning…

Nevertheless, we think it’s important to explain that there are 2 different kind of tools behind this “low-code” appellation:

– Low-code tools where you actually have to code, but less

Like Google App Maker, Microsoft PowerApps, OutSystems, Appian, Mendix, Zoho Creator… and there are a bunch of good competitors fighting on this market.

They are very powerful and don’t really have any limitations about what you can do with them. In fact, they are modern RAD tools (Rapid Application Development) in the cloud, and they target developers.

– Low-code tools where you don’t necessary need to code anything

Intuit Quickbase is a good example, to mention a big name. Or PickaForm, of course! In this case, you can build an application without coding at all. They are not really RAD tools because they are simply not development tools: they don’t target developers, but business users.

And even if you can still add some javascripts and formulas here and there, we like to call those tools “no-code”, instead of “low-code”. In fact, it’s something in between that should be called “very-low-code”, but it’s too boring to pronounce…

What’s the future of no-code?

Bright! In fact, we bet the future will mainly be no-code, because “no-code” is always faster than “low-code”…

As far as PickaForm is concerned, we even have great plans to introduce AI to build custom apps based on a natural language description. This is not fiction: every pieces of software are already there, and all we have to do is bring the pieces together! It’s already in our roadmap, and all we need now is a little more resources to move faster.

So, yes, at PickaForm, we believe in no-code.