In most business cases, there is a point where we need to export a clean document, print it or send it.

Weither it’s a Proposal, a Contract, an Invoice or a simple Letter, you probably already have your own templates that you feed manually.

Worst scenario is when people copy/paste an existing document and just change the varying elements: there is always a moment where a mistake happens, and the document will contain things that should not be there…

To solve that common problem, PickaForm allows you to build and store your own office templates, and feed them with form data.

How does it work?


  1. You create a Microsoft Word document and you insert between square brackets the name of the fields you would like to merge. Example: [First name] or [Contrat number].
  2. You save your template and upload to PickaForm
  3. You connect your template to the form you want.

That’s it. Yes, three simple steps and you are ready to go. Now, you can generate your own PDF documents and feed them automagically with your form data, in one click.

And in case you want to merge multiple lines of data coming from a table (usually in a proposal or an invoice), it’s also possible. You just have to insert the name of the table first, separated with a colon, like this: [Delivery:Name]

Check our screenshot to understand the process and see how straightforward it is!

We really hope you will like this PickaForm’s feature that comes – once again – out-of-the-box!

The source form and the Word template

… and the resulting PDF file