The goal of “no-code” (and “low-code”) application platforms is that business users should be able to build their custom applications very easily.

Well. This is the theory.

In practice, some business users are not experienced at all with the concepts of “forms”, or “fields”, or “lists”. In the end, they have no idea where to start.

Actually, it would not be a problem if these same people would take a little time to simply read the instructions and messages displayed on the screen.

But of course, it doesn’t happen. They are “business” users: they have a business to do, and reading instructions is not part of it.

And we do understand they have no time for that.

At this point, there are 2 scenarios:

  • they ask someone else, more experienced, to buid the app for them
  • they go back to Excel, where they feel more confident

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are leaving without even trying (for example, only 3 clicks before leaving).

At PickaForm, to try to make business users more confortable with new concepts, we wanted to spare them the need to read instructions, and we have created for them a Video Help Center, directly accessible from within your PickaForm application.

No need to read anymore: click, look, listen!

We have just launched this new feature, so, there are not a lot of videos at the moment: just the essentials to start properly.

We will add new videos over time, but for now, we really hope it will ease your life!

Video Help Center