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Your business apps, à la carte

Printing is now a breeze!

While waiting for the mobile version that is getting closer, the month of August sees the arrival of a much-needed feature for PickaForm: the ability to print forms. With PickaForm being displayed by your web browser, there was no easy way to print your forms. Indeed, the browser prints exactly what it sees on the …

IBM Champion 2019

We are very proud that the realization of the PickaForm platform has led us to the status of IBM Champion 2019. Finally, the official Acclaim badge has been delivered, and is visible here. Thanks IBM for your support!

Forms and lists: simple yet powerful

Most application design tools are still complex. However, as early as 1984, a brilliant designer called Mitch Kapor realized that he needed a simple way to store and organize this informations, his way, and he described it very precisely in a note to one of his colleagues: Notes-Project He simplified his equation with two 2 …

Engage 2019 and future considerations

The Engage 2019 show is over. This year, many meetings with great people, intelligent, interesting and passionate about what they do. Thanks to them for all the extremely positive comments about PickaForm! This gives a lot of energy to continue to improve the platform and add new cool features. This year was also very special …

Engage 2019 in Brussels

To celebrate our leap to Brussels for the “Engage.ug” show – the best European User Group for IBM/HCL Collaboration Software – here is a short hyper-accelerated video that shows some of the features of PickaForm. Attention … only for experts who can understand what it is! Tip: You can adjust playback speed in YouTube settings