Most application design tools are still complex.

However, as early as 1984, a brilliant designer called Mitch Kapor realized that he needed a simple way to store and organize this informations, his way, and he described it very precisely in a note to one of his colleagues:


He simplified his equation with two 2 simple concepts:

1 – forms, to enter and modify his data.
For example: a Contact form, a Business Case form, an Invoice form, a Contract form, an Intervention form…

2 – lists of data (which he called “views”) to display and organize his information contained in the application.
For example: Contracts sorted by year and month, Invoices sorted by customer, Contacts sorted by type …

These two elements then made it possible, by recombining them, to create all types of applications, to store and organize everything and anything, in a flexible way!

Today, PickaForm takes these fundamentals in a modern interface, and allows you to create your own software by simply using these two concepts, without being a programmer… So, don’t hesitate and request a trial via our website!