While waiting for the mobile version that is getting closer, the month of August sees the arrival of a much-needed feature for PickaForm: the ability to print forms.

With PickaForm being displayed by your web browser, there was no easy way to print your forms. Indeed, the browser prints exactly what it sees on the screen, so with buttons, menus, and all those things that we do not want to see on a printed document!

See below:

PickaForm - Print original form

For the inevitable printing needs, the workaround was to create a Word document template so that you can inject the form fields and output the result as a PDF document.

To solve all these issues at once, PickaForm now allows you to print any form without having to go through an intermediate PDF document.

The PickaForm printing system:

  • generates a simple layout form to avoid any problems with alignments, margins …
  • also includes linked tables if documents are linked to the form. In the example below, applicants are seen in an open position in the company.
  • automatically adjusts to your page size
Same form, simplified for printing:
PickaForm - Print simplified form
Finally, the system offers you different options before printing:
  • You can choose to display the color of the original form or not (if any, grayscale are used)
  • You can choose to print empty fields or not
  • You can choose to print the form, its linked tables, or both together.

PickaForm - Print options

Now, the printing of any form is done in one click in a clean, clear, and simplified format! We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature. Feel free to make your comments …