As you know, PickaForm mobile is coming soon (we’re targeting the end of october if everything goes well), and we really had a hard time to choose a great UI library to use on top of IONIC framework.

IONIC has great widgets, but it definitely has some missing ones, like some good Calendar controls or advanced Select fields with filtering, grouping, and type-ahead features.

After a long study, our choice finally stopped on Mobiscroll for IONIC.

First, Mobiscroll has a very clear and clean documentation. Then, beyond the simple widgets missing for IONIC, they propose a complete library which is usable in javascript, JQuery, Angular, AngularJS, and React! Flexibility is therefore optimal.

Finally, cherry on the cake, Mobiscroll can easily achieve themes using Sass.

In the end, choosing Mobiscroll for PickaForm was a no-brainer: this is the best library we could find on the market, even compared to bigger competitors like KendoUI or Sencha Touch.

Go and have a look at their website if you would like to know more, they deserve it!