PickaForm is pleased to announce its participation in the RNUG exhibition in Russia on October 10th and 11th.

“PickaForm is a French startup which delivers a 100% web no-code / low-code platform. It allows you to build your own custom apps with forms and workflows. You can use it on the cloud or install it on-premise with your own Domino server starting from version 9″

No need to wait!

PickaForm focuses on business users and delivers easy-to-use and beautiful apps, following the “KISS” methodology (“Keep It Simple and Stupid”).

To build your apps, you can start immediately from a template, or your Excel sheet. Or you can also start from scratch.

The philosophy is similar to what users have been used to do since many years with IBM Notes, but it’s now 100% in the web browser.

Building an app is as easy as:

1 – creating your forms, thanks to a very simple form builder

2 – building your views, with the integrated view builder

… and that’s it… You’re good to go!

On top of this, PickaForm also has a powerful workflow builder that allows business users to create their flows in a very straightforward way.

If you want more infos, please, contact us directly at contact@pickaform.com

PickaForm – Workspace example
PickaForm – Application example
PickaForm – Application templates
Clean forms!
Simple form builder – Drag & drop your fields
PickaForm – Sample workflow history
PickaForm – Workflow builder