Pickaform is without a doubt the best no-code platform for very quickly setting up workflows for the company.

The new version of pickaform was released in 2022 and continues its race for evolution to offer an ever more powerful product, without ever losing its simplicity.

The past year 2022 will have seen the arrival of many features, but the beginning of the year 2023 is not left out if we judge the following list:

  • better onboarding when creating a blank application
  • improvement of the home page with workspaces
  • possible customization of workspaces
  • simplification of the creation of workflows
  • addition of conditional workflows
  • addition of the reassignment function in the workflows
  • addition of personalized emails at each stage of workflow
  • addition of the functionality of sending email from a form
  • improvement of the address book
  • addition of 2 new types of fields: dynamic drop-down lists, and selection of values in a view
  • simplification and centralization of all security
  • addition of a back-office to have an overview of all your settings
  • addition of field validation in data grids
  • improvement of public forms
  • addition of SMTP settings to integrate your own gateways
  • better management of the trashcan
  • addition of view columns in color
  • addition of clickable URLs in the views
  • addition of a custom color theme builder
  • possibility to manage the security of attached files
  • addition of “system” fields in views
  • etc…

Every day, a small or large evolution is made. Every day, the platform continues to move forward to better meet the demands of its users.

And in 2023, we intend to further accelerate the pace to continue to integrate all the useful functions for pickaform and its users!