It was a high priority feature (along with 543 others), asked many times by our fellow users, and we are really happy to announce that finally, we have it!

Now, we can PLUG some calendar events on any record, and this is super-easy to setup :

  1. Just go to the FORM FEATURES and activate the new option « Calendar events »
  2. There is no point 2. It’s already done.

Now, in your record, you’ll have a new feature panel called (try to guess…) : « Calendar events »

Like this :

Feature - Calendar event - Panel

You’ll see your brand new feature panel with all the calendar events related to your record.

Like this :

Feature - Calendar event - List

Click on the magic button « Add a calendar event », and you’re done :

Feature - Calendar event - Edit

Note we’ve designed it the « Google way », with the same fields in exactly the same order. Yes, we’ve done that. Just in case you would already be used to it…

As usual, we hope you’ll like, and, why not, love it 🙂

Have a nice day!