Mois : décembre 2015

Your business apps, à la carte

Sapin de Noël !

Nowadays, Christmas trees are coming out much sooner than in the past. As we really don’t want to be the last ones to show our beautiful Christmas tree, here it is!

Générateur de données de test

Today, we’ve released our sample data generator (aka « mockup data »). What’s this ? When you build a new form for an application, the next step is to build the various lists (views, filters… name it like you want) you need to display your data. Problem: at this point, you don’t have any data created with this new …

Un historique de workflow clair

As you probably know it, the worflow (BPM) side of The-Data-Box is definitely something which is a clear product differenciation. But despite our workflow builder is obviously the easiest one on the market, the workflow history was just a simple table of past events. Efficient, but not so fun! Now, according to some CSS magic, we …