From the very beginning, The-Data-Box has the ability to create a web app in a few clicks.

The 3 ways to create an app have always been the following :

  • Choosing an application template
  • Importing an Excel file
  • Starting from scratch (and eventually picking on-demand ready-to-use forms)

Nevertheless, to do so, you had to:

  • click on the « Add an application » button (on the home page)
  • this action brought you to the back-office, in the Applications area
  • then, you had to click on one of the two methods : create a new blank application, or create a new application from template

If you wanted to import Excel data (to auto-generate a form and import data), then you had those extra steps:

  • go in the Application setup
  • jump into the Forms area
  • decide to create a new form from Excel (and/or import data)

Despite it was not really difficult and done in 5 or 6 clicks, we felt since a long time that it could be more straightforward.

And here it is !

Now, when you click on « Add an application » from the home page, you directly land on the « 3 ways App Creation » menu.

This way, our App Creation really became a two-clicks process!

And we really hope you’ll like this improvement…