Our users are requesting this from the very beginning, but unfortunately, we had so many features to integrate in a short time that we could not set a higher priority to this task… until our last Sprint.

So, what is it?

Very easy : it’s a new type of field that looks like a combobox, and the available values are taken in the current application instead of being listed manually.

As usual, we wanted to get things as easier as possible, so, to define your source, you just have to pickup a form and a field, and that’s it. The available values of the combobox will be all the existing values in this form / field.

At the moment, in order to not add extra-paramaters, we have decided to return only the distinct values, with an ascending sort. If the users want more flexibility about those parameters, we’ll add it in our todo list, but at the moment, the feature is working very well and we took a lot of time to optimize the way those fields are managed internally, in order to not overload the server-side processing.

Still, if you have a big application and if your Linked Field is returning thousands of values from your database, you’ll feel it… So, use them with wisdom!

To end this post, just know the following things :

  • we have kept the combobox option that allows the user to enter his own value, with type-ahead activated
  • this field can’t be multi-valuated at the moment

Here is a short illustrated explanation. Enjoy!

1. Choose « Linked field » in the field type :


2. Pickup a field in one of the forms :


3. That’s it, your combo is retrieving all the existing values of this field in your app :