We are pleased to announce that a beta version of pickaform will be available from early 2022 on a KissJS / NodeJS technology stack as a phased replacement for the current ExtJS / Domino stack.

This future version will have required 18 months of effort and promises:

  • improved and simplified ergonomics
  • increased responsiveness of the user interface
  • a more modern design with several visual themes
  • greater openness to external APIs
  • authentication no longer focused only on the internal directory, but via Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • the ability to access files from your usual drive services such as One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box
  • the ability to upload unlimited files (Amazon S3)
  • a workflow system that is easier to configure and that automatically generates flow charts
  • a plug-in architecture that extends the native functionalities of the platform
  • a server code to deploy on NodeJS which weighs less than 200kb, for on-premise versions!
  • a client code based on our UI framework called KissJS (Keep It Simple Stupid JS) whose entire source code weighs less than 1MB, unminified, uncompressed!

A beta version, testable online, will be accessible via our website from the beginning of 2022. If you are already interested, leave a message at contact@pickaform.com