The last few months have been an opportunity to work hard on a new complementary technology to PickaForm to further accelerate the creation of tailor-made applications! We therefore did not have much to communicate about PickaForm itself, which has become a mature platform and widely used by our customers for a few years now.

The start of 2021 is an important opportunity for PickaForm, because we will soon provide with the platform a complete JavaScript library to create custom user interfaces.

We’ll do another post to explain in detail why we intentionally didn’t choose an opensource library like Angular, React, or Vue. In short, we wanted to continue with our philosophy of simplicity, but the 3 most used libraries on the market are very simple for doing small things, but quickly become extremely complex if you want to create complete applications.

Our KissJS library simply means: Keep It Simple Stupid JS.

It offers as standard all the most useful components for creating an enterprise business application: text fields, number fields, date fields, panels, dialog windows, data grids, etc. It is extremely powerful, it generates an HTML markup extremely clean and efficient, and very easy to use, even for a beginner.

It is also very productive, since the ToDoMVC application could be completed in less than 200 lines of code!

Finally, it is very expressive since it takes up the philosophy of frameworks such as ExtJS or Webix, which allow UIs to be created only via JSON configuration.

The arrival of KissJS will make it easier to extend the functionality of PickaForm when “no-code” is no longer enough … and ultimately, the PickaForm interface will migrate entirely to this new technology to gain even more responsiveness.

The library is still young, but we plan to publish it very soon in opensource.

And a full demo of the library is coming very soon to this blog!