As you already know if you’re using PickaForm, you have 3 way of creating a new online application:

  1. You can pick an application template and use it immediately (or customize it)
  2. You can start from your own Excel file, and your application will be built automagically
  3. You can… start from scratch

If the 2 first scenarios are self-explanatory and allow people to easily build their online application in a few clicks, the last scenario was leaving users in some kind of “Ok, what should I do, now?

To solve this, we’re happy to announce that we’ve introduce a new wizard that will guide you through the basics:

  1. Creating your first form (or using a template)
  2. Generating sample data from your form, in order to test your application quickly
  3. Creating your first list of data (also called “views”, “perspectives”, “datagrids”…)

Once you master the pipeline Form → Data → List, all the rest is just fine tuning, and we’re sure it will help beginners to build their 100% custom online application!