You know how it is: you always want to make things perfect, and you imagine packages for all kind of organizations. Very small ones, small ones, medium ones, big ones, huge ones. Some are interested to store many records with no file attachments, some are interested with few records with file attachments, some want workflows and some others don’t…

Consequently, we’ve created nice packages with number of users, number of records, number of applications, allowed weight on the server, special features…

Yes, we did that, because we thought it would better to fit all kind of needs.

But it the end, the pricing was difficult to read, and also difficult to understand. We had a lot of questions like “How many file attachments can I store within 200Mb?” or “What happens if I only need 2 users but 3 applications ? Do I have to take the bigger package?”. The best we had was: “I need 50 users but I don’t need all those apps: can I have a discount if I’m using only 1 app?”.

And anyway, when we looked at it carefully, our packages started at 15€/user and ended around 12€/user for organizations with more that 100 users.

The fact is that, for those organizations, the price is not what matters most, and the difference between 15€ and 12€ is not what changes their decision to take or not to take PickaForm.

SO… We decided to apply the KISS methodology (Keep It Simple and Stupid).

We’re done. We’ve just thrown away our beautiful packages, and we’ve made a unique and comprehensive price: 15€/user/month, all inclusive.

At this price, you have everything from the start. No surprise, no hidden cost.

And we’re 100% confident that this simplified pricing will make everyone happy!