With PickaForm, you can build your app from the highest level of abstraction, which is the form.

In short: building (or picking) a form is the very first step!

But recently, we realized that this simple philosophy to create an application was not obvious to everyone… Maybe too easy to be true?

Some advanced users even asked us where to build their “database” or their “tables” and totally missed that building a form in PickaForm builds everything else for them, from top to bottom!

Once you have at least one form, you can:

  • generate automatically some test data (because it’s boring to do it manually)
  • generate some custom lists, to make things easier for your users
  • optionally, add a validation workflow to your form
  • optionally, add some office document templates (to be able to generate documents automatically)

Zero code, and an app in minutes!

Then now, to make it clearer, we’ve decided to promote this application creation pipeline and display it on the Settings welcome page.