After nearly 18 months of activity and deep market analysis, we realize that our VISION was right : The-Data-Box fills a huge gap between the simple Excel sheet and the “all-in-one” bigger softwares like Salesforce, Zoho, Odoo…

Because it’s simpler to user and quicker to setup, The-Data-Box really fits our user needs, and we are very close to 97% of satisfaction, which is amazing.

Thank you for your great feedbacks!

Now, it’s time to take a deep breath and push things further: despite the incredible amount of work in our todo list (our internal roadmap includes evolutions for the next 600 days), we have decided to take some of our time to look for investors. We already know that it will be a LONG and HARD path, because serious funds are difficult to convince, and there are so many good startups floating around!

Average startups have to pitch one hundred times, and, only 10 startups on 1500 manage to raise funds! But, yes… we officially start NOW our research.

We’re not sure to succeed, but we’re sure it’s a good move to try. Whatever the result will be, it will force us to improve ourselves and answer new questions.


For those of you having some unused gold in a hidden safe, we are looking for $3M that would be used like this :

  • 40% to reinforce the team, the technology, the support
  • 40% for marketing and communication
  • 20% for various expenses (offices, infrastructures, softwares… and COFFEE)

Of course, $3M is the best scenario to have a quick boost, but smaller tickets will help us also.

If you know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody who can help, then please contact us !

To conclude this already too long post, here is our very first pitch session, in France. We had only 3 minutes to explain the product, the team, the competitors, the market, the amount asked and so on… This was very hot ! Enjoy the stress !

(sorry, no English translation available at the moment…)