Today, we’ve released our sample data generator (aka “mockup data”).

What’s this ?

When you build a new form for an application, the next step is to build the various lists (views, filters… name it like you want) you need to display your data.

Problem: at this point, you don’t have any data created with this new form!

So, you usually end up creating manually some sample data for your views, and as it’s not a funny task, you’re creating 2 or 3 records as fast as you can (“test”, 123, “abc”, …) and you have to do it again when your form is evolving.

Now, this is an old story: once you have built (or modified) your form, you simply right-click it to display the context menu, and you can choose our brand new option “Generate some test data” :


This option will automatically generate data according to your form setup, and of course, you can also clean up the sample data by using the “Delete the test data” option.

And once again, a simple tool will save you time!