Here at The-Data-Box, we really have a strong credo, which is “Start simple, enhance later“.

In our (loooong) career of consultants in organization, we have seen many times that, when our prospects are looking for an application to improve their processes, they always want “the ultimate solution that fits 110% of their needs”.

The +10% is just in case…

Of course, today, they work with an Excel sheet, but the next solution they have in mind looks like this :


Our experience has proven that many project failures happened because the customers wanted too much and too fast.

If a customer is working today with Excel sheets, he should not directly target a complex software as the next step.

This is exactly why we have created The-Data-Box with a bottom-up approach : it allows to start with something very simple, and adapt it along the road without rigid constraints.

TDBX_BottomUpBottom-up approach…