Well, we are not really “new comers”…

Interestingly, our product has recently been compared to HUGE ones like Quickbase… and many other competitors, including really new comers like Zengine. First, this is a real honor for us to be compared to such good products! But if you hear that we have “cloned” some competitors, well… let’s have a quick look at The-Data-Box DNA, which has a long history that starts around 1999.

As a small and very modest software development company, we have built our own tools since the beginning to answer our customers needs. Naturally, we have ended developing our own CMS / ECM and BPM solutions to integrate them in our specific projects. But it was mostly “engines” and not really beautifully packaged apps.

The first interesting move was in 2009, when we decided to merge our 3 main engines into a single app, called Infinity. The name “Infinity” was chosen because it was supposed to cover “an infinity” of needs, and The-Data-Box is following the exact same philosophy.

The-Data-Box heritage V3

As we are in a very specific area on Earth (Reunion Island), our software remained confidentially distributed on our small and local market, but we had so good feedbacks about it that we have decided to push things further.

That’s how The-Data-Box cloud solution was born, rewriting properly all the core functions from scratch to have something really clean, efficient, scalable, and with a high security for hosted data.

Now, we’re proud to say the product is really a good alternative to bigger and more expensive ones. And this is just a beginning, as we have in mind many features to come 🙂