Imagine you have built a cool application to solve a particular business case, and now, you […]
In a January post, we explained our new application exchange system via the JSON format. This […]
Sometimes we just want to quickly change some data as we would in a spreadsheet, but […]
We wish you a happy Valentine’s day… … and we have prepared a very special workspace […]
Last November, we announced a new graphic charter in preparation, and we are happy to celebrate […]
Today, I’m going to talk about the automatic application generation from templates. When PickaForm was a […]
We are pleased to announce that, following our collaboration with IBM, PickaForm is officially on their […]
You may have noticed it by seeing the headers of the blog and the YouTube page, […]
Thanks to its IBM Domino powered server engine, PickaForm has a very powerful security model, which […]
If you follow our regular news, you probably noticed that we NEVER talk about technology here, […]