Pickaform is a no-code platform which is workflow oriented.

PickaForm is a simple and powerful product to organize and manage data. PickaForm is a transversal platform that allows you to manage your contacts, files, business activity, contracts, invoices, interventions, recruitment, human resources, incidents, tickets, client claims, bugs, projects, tasks… the possibilities are infinite because you store whatever you want in it!

On top of this, the search for a simple and beautiful user interface is a permanent challenge with a high priority.

For the end user, it looks like an easy-to-use online application with some great capabilities when it comes to following various activities.

For webmasters and more advanced users, PickaForm offers the fastest way to build simple web apps for their customers, without the hassle of coding.


PickaForm is also available on-premise for bigger organizations.

PickaForm is built on top of NodeJS, which is a rock-solid and proven technology.

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