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Your business apps, à la carte

PickaForm at RNUG

PickaForm is a French startup which delivers a 100% web no-code / low-code platform. It allows you to build your own custom apps with forms and workflows. You can use it on the cloud or install it on-premise with your own Domino server starting from version 9.

Printing is now a breeze!

While waiting for the mobile version that is getting closer, the month of August sees the arrival of a much-needed feature for PickaForm: the ability to print forms. With PickaForm being displayed by your web browser, there was no easy way to print your forms. Indeed, the browser prints exactly what it sees on the …

A brand new app store

In a January post, we explained our new application exchange system via the JSON format. This change is now accompanied by a new “app store” (see above) where you can discover your apps to download in 1 click. Each application is now presented more clearly with an image, an icon & color, the description, and …

IBM Lotus Notes : what was really good?

Lotus Notes emerged in the nineties as one of the best professional collaboration plaform, and convinced millions of users. Nearly 30 years later, despite its dead has been announced many times – mainly by competitors -, it’s still there and has been rebranded as “IBM Notes”. Most people simply call it “Notes”. So, what is …