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Quick edit in the preview panel

Sometimes we just want to quickly change some data as we would in a spreadsheet, but the ‘application mode’ forces us to go through several steps: 1 – open the data 2 – click on the “Edit” button to lock the data and guarantee that it will not be modified by another person at the …

Happy Valentine’s day!

We wish you a happy Valentine’s day… … and we have prepared a very special workspace for that occasion… Have a great day!

New website !

Last November, we announced a new graphic charter in preparation, and we are happy to celebrate today its release! The site has been completely redesigned to offer a simple and clear experience, and we hope this will invite our future visitors to try PickaForm! To jump right now on the new website, click HERE!

A brand new application exchange system

Today, I’m going to talk about the automatic application generation from templates. When PickaForm was a cloud-only solution, we could rely on IBM Domino server functionality to copy / paste entire application structures and their configuration documents. From the moment PickaForm started to become on-premise, then multi-instances, this solution posed a major problem: where to …

PickaForm referenced by IBM

We are pleased to announce that, following our collaboration with IBM, PickaForm is officially on their website! The collaboration will continue to expand, and PickaForm will soon package IBM’s technology directly into its on-premise offering. To be continued !